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National Ilan University Higher Education SPROUT Project – 2019 Results Presentation

National Ilan University Higher Education SPROUT Project – 2019 Results Presentation


1.Taking teaching as the core

     In regards to the teaching innovation aspect, our school aims to nurture students’ hard power (professional practical skills), soft power (key ability in liberal arts), as well as smart power (combination of soft power and hard power) through the implementation of “Innovative Practical Advancement Project” and “Soft/Smart Power Creation Project.” In terms of the hard power aspect, our school strives to cultivate “innovative pragmatic thinkers with problem-solving skills” through effective guided teachings and innovative teaching materials based on a series of courses focusing on the concept of “4 Years for One Problem” (subject-centric courses) as well as by measures that enable flexibility in course selection. In terms of soft/smart power, the cultivation of such powers relies on a combination of formal curriculum (professional and general education courses), non-formal curriculum (practical activities), and hidden curriculum (learning space).    

     All innovative teaching programs will be fully supported by both the Teaching & Research Units as well as the Administrative Unit. During its execution, “PDCA” (Plan-Do-Check-Act), quality management method shall be performed to allow for immediate problem discovery and rolling revisions.


2.Developing University Features

    Throughout the years, our university has been actively promoting academia in Yilan as well as industry-academia collaborations, thus accumulating a wealth of industry counseling/collaboration experiences. National Ilan University is able to provide a variety of assistances, such as: nurturing spaces, expert counseling, low-cost professional manpower training, and exceptional manpower; these have ultimately enabled our university to further strengthen our competiveness through technology transfer and industry-academia collaboration. By meticulously integrating the results of teaching, learning, and research with development features of the local industry in combination with local resources, our university has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Yilan County Government to create sustainable development for the local industry/academia as well as talent cultivation, thereby establishing a win-win situation. In view of the maker culture popularized in advanced countries, which has pragmatic effectiveness in cultivating students’ creative mindset, “I3E Center” was constructed in 2019, making full use of existing teaching space.


3.Making resources more public

    In order to raise the accessibility of higher education, our university offers students with economic hardships or culturally-deprived students interview aids as well as admission channels to assist him/her to better understand the university and provide academic and living counseling after admission. Additionally, our university conducts professionalization of student recruitment, improves faculty structure and performs institutional research. In compliance with the policies of the Ministry of Education, National Ilan University has raised the additional admission placement quota from 2% to 5% for fields/subjects that are more desired by the societal needs of the indigenous population. Furthermore, 14.7% of our total enrollment quota is offered to the aforementioned students.


4.Fulfilling Social Responsibility

    National Ilan University has established close-knit ties with local community resources, creating a bond with the campus to develop unique features, collaborating with local community organizations to stimulate the local area while finding its footing with superior services. By bringing students to explore the knowledge in their surroundings, so to understand the local history and environment our university has laid down the cultural groundwork for the area, starting from the acknowledgement of one’s origins. In compliance with the environmental protection mission of the Yilan County as well as the development goal of creating an elder-friendly city, National Ilan University proudly solidifies a symbiotic bond with the local area.

    In terms of assisting the upgrade of the local industry, in 2019 Global Views Monthly assessed National Ilan University as having the most “influential industry-academia collaboration research” in the country. Aside from helping local industries, our university has signed an USR (University Social Responsibility) Cooperation Agreement with the local government, in addition to signing a “Yilan District USR Alliance Letter of Intent” with the local colleges in the Yilan district, jointly realizing University Social Responsibility.

    In regards to the USR project, National Ilan University has implemented the USR project for the past two years. Through micro credit courses, our university has enabled students to attain internships in museums, striving towards the closing of the talent gap. Using technologies such as IoT, AR, VR, and iBeacon, our university has strengthened digital marketing and mobile navigation. Additionally, we’ve founded “Yilan Science Park Innovation Green Energy Co., Ltd.,” stationing ourselves in the newly created base at “Yilan Science Park –Yu Cheng Building 2” to develop industries such as: green energy, drones, smart micro grids, vehicle charging stations, and cooling batteries.

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